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Enough Sexual Harassment

20 Jun

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t get sexually harassed, at least verbally, on Egyptian streets. Many women face the dilemma of whether driving or riding in cabs safer to get around town, and sadly it is neither. I know as many women who get harassed driving their own cars as women who walk or cab it around town. The unfortunate truth is that NO ONE is above sexual harassment in Egypt; whether young, old, fat, thin, rich, poor, veiled, nikabi, not covered, foreigner, native, Muslim, Christian, atheist, educated, or not, all are equally subject to sexual harassment on any given day. However, I think the poorer you are, or the more time you spend on the streets, the more you will get harassed by sheer math. Thus, the working class women, I think are the ones who get sexually harassed the most on a daily basis. Any women, who travels far from home to work, or works multiple jobs, will spend more time on the streets (whether driving or using public transportation), therefore she is subject to the daily sleazy comments, starring looks, and even ass-grabbed by men of all ages even little kids!

What is the solution?

They are multiple, but first, we have to stop blaming the victim mentality. Many Egyptians believe that it is because women dress “casual” or “sexy,” but simply that is NOT true because Nikabi, and completely covered women get as much harassed too. The rhetoric of accusing the women for “bringing sexual harassment upon herself” by being late on the street is the most ridiculous. I, as a woman, have every single right to be on the street at any given hour of the day just as much as men without being judged or harassed. Let’s remember that women have a right to live just like men, and assumptions based on gender is simply a form of discrimination and sexism.

AUC After-Grad Party With a Splash of Sexism

16 Jun
at least for me...

Veiled girls not allowed to AUC after-grad party

As an AUC graduate of the spring class 2011, I am not planning to attend the usual fahkes – lame after graduation party, which immediately brings horrific images from the movie Mean Girls and the plastics. Then, during rehearsal today, I came across this piece of information via Twitter account Ahmed Abulhassan stating that veiled/hijabi girls are not allowed to attend after-grad. EXCUSE ME?!!! After making some phone calls to get to the bottom of who is actually is in charge of this event and especially this policy, I found out what was expected.

As far as I know and what I gathered from fellow AUCians, who normally attend those parties, is that this event is usually put on by AUCians of the graduating class. The party is planned independently from AUC as an institution, other than the name or the fact that it follows an AUC graduation. Usually the graduating class is invited except this time, whoever is in charge chose to exclude veiled girls. WHY?! Are they not pretty enough? Not appropriate for the event?! May tarnish the “cool in crowd” of the sexist/racist ignorant spoiled elitist AUCians, who get to decide who is invited and who is not? Also the hotel where the event is held allows veiled women, no problem, I attended countless weddings there full of veiled women, so it is NOT a hotel policy.

Here is a testimony of a graduating veiled girl, who wrote on Facebook a note about how she feels of being discriminated against. Thank you Menna Adli El Kiey for sharing your thoughts.

After all this digging around, I give you the douchebag of spring class 2011, who is said to be the person in-charge: Mr. I-am-too-Racist-Sexist for my shirt Gamal Kharma.

Here are some Twitter conversations starting with Sara AbdelRahman @Sarrasworld asking if the “rumor” of discrimination is true? Then she was immediately assured that it is a reality and when she asked who organized it, she was answered by Omar Khairy @okhairy88 of the same douche: Gamal Kharma @Gkharma

Please correct me if I am wrong, or if you have any more details about this nightmare of discrimination, do let me and others know. We are suppose to be graduating and celebrating our journey of education, but it seems that some people, who discriminate, need to go to rehab to get over themselves instead of graduate.

To be fair, here is what Mr. Gamal Kharma @Gkharma said this morning …

So you decide if Mr. too-sexist-for-my-shirt is a discriminatory douchebag or not?

If party organizers like him have a right to discriminate, then I also have a right to criticize them and hold them accountable for such behavior.

The private Facebook event is created by several douchebags including: Tamer Banna, Ahmed El-Meligy , Marwan Ziad, Dina Rizkallah Akladios. Anyone who is okay with attending this party that clearly discriminates against veiled girls is a douchebag and sexist in my book and special attention goes to the organizers.

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