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Revolution is NOT over

14 Jun

Egypt: After The Revolution from Marty Stalker on Vimeo.

Something is wrong. I don’t understand British obsession with the pyramids that in almost everything related to Egypt, it has to magically make an appearance like in this video. The pyramids here in this video are the least of my problems, what about the American University in Cairo setting? I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite myself since I just graduated from AUC, but the revolution was far beyond AUC community. It is true that many professors, students, and staff from AUC took part in the revolution like many other groups, but by far were they the majority or the “representatives” of the youth of Egypt.

I personally have been criticized for accrediting AUC for my involvement in the opposition movement on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but by no mean am I a representative of the youth, a face, or a symbol of the revolution. I simply speak on my own experience, which in many cases is the minority compared to the majority of Egyptians.

What bothered me the most about this video is putting the revolution in the past tense, or that it is over, NO. Revolution is NOT over, it has just begun. We are building democracy from the bottom-up and that is never over in 18 days with only ousting Mubarak.


Not Just #Kalmtain on SCAF

13 Jun

After a night out with friends celebrating Sarah’s and my accomplishment of graduating, we found ourselves singing and chanting against Al-Musheer Tantawi. It might have looked out of place or stupid, but the interesting part was a door man was cheering us on as we passed him by in Garden City. The growing discontent with SCAF can be accredited to multiple of things, they really left us a long list to choose from including: crackdown on the labor protests, virginity checks, military trials for civilians, or the recent summoning of activists & journalists for criticizing SCAF. On a more optimistic note, the military council have invited the group working to end military trials to meet with SCAF members today and discuss their demands. I hope that the outcome is more surprising than what I am expecting of the usual publicity stunt the SCAF likes to pull off with their usual “meetings.” These military trials for civilians need to end and all detained freedom fighters must be released.

Evicted Families Sit-In at Maspero اعتصام عائلات مخيمات مدينة السلام بمسبيرو

13 Jun

More than a 1000 families have been living in tents since the revolution after they were evicted from the temporary new rent contracts in fear of them not paying rent according to the woman in the video. They were promised national housing by Dr. Essam Sharaf after they protested in front of the Cairo governance building in February, until now no response. In fact, according to people from tents I talked to revealed in this video, thugs and police have raided the tents in Madinat EL Salam in order to agitate the situation and make them give up and leave, but the families have no where to go and in desperate need for shelter. One son of the families have been allegedly raped by police in the tents according to people in this video. This revolution was meant to end exactly these people’s misery and grant every Egyptian a dignified life; however, with the SCAF and Essam Sharaf in power, these ideals seem to wash away with every moment they are in power. Time for reviving the revolution, so we could all live.

June 20th #EndSH يوم التدوين والزقزقة ضد التحرش الجنسي والعنف الجندري في مصر

13 Jun

The day has come to blog against sexual harassment in Egypt. It was enough torture to hear about virginity checks conducted on female protesters in Tahrir on March 9th by the Egyptian Army. Now just walking on the street, any female is subject to the daily humiliation of the minimal verbal sexual harassment.. We, human rights defenders, who will blog on June 20th against gender violence and sexual harassment are aiming to at least raise awareness on the issue. on a personal note, there haven’t been a day that I walked on the streets of Cairo, and not got at least verbally sexually harassed. I am always hearing horror stories of sexual violence from friends, and I know that it could be me or you, so instead of blaming the victim or being passive, I urge you to speak up, educate yourself, and discuss your thoughts with others. The only way we could fight ignorance and passivity is by being the change we want to see. Be that change on June 20th.

Finally iBlog

13 Jun


I don’t know why I haven’t done this earlier, but simply I was too comfortable using only Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. With the revolution well on its way, I need a more in-depth platform to address concerns, and report on daily events, not to mention to blog against SCAF. I hope you will find my blog informative or at least interesting in the midst of 1000s blogs..

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