Revolution is NOT over

14 Jun

Egypt: After The Revolution from Marty Stalker on Vimeo.

Something is wrong. I don’t understand British obsession with the pyramids that in almost everything related to Egypt, it has to magically make an appearance like in this video. The pyramids here in this video are the least of my problems, what about the American University in Cairo setting? I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite myself since I just graduated from AUC, but the revolution was far beyond AUC community. It is true that many professors, students, and staff from AUC took part in the revolution like many other groups, but by far were they the majority or the “representatives” of the youth of Egypt.

I personally have been criticized for accrediting AUC for my involvement in the opposition movement on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but by no mean am I a representative of the youth, a face, or a symbol of the revolution. I simply speak on my own experience, which in many cases is the minority compared to the majority of Egyptians.

What bothered me the most about this video is putting the revolution in the past tense, or that it is over, NO. Revolution is NOT over, it has just begun. We are building democracy from the bottom-up and that is never over in 18 days with only ousting Mubarak.

One Response to “Revolution is NOT over”

  1. michelle June 14, 2011 at 11:29 pm #

    yeah that video, at least the first part i watched, was really simplistic and orientalist. it paints a ridiculously reductive view of egyptian history: pharaohic rule, repeat, repeat, repeat, secular despotic rule, repeat, repeat, wham-bam revolution! i.e. entry into the modern world! …like time stood absolutely still for millennium up until jan 25, and then 18 days later all that history making was over. as if egypt’s long historical narrative of resistance is that featureless. and of course no mention of european colonialism. i also hate the west’s obsession with pharonic egypt. as an outsider (a US american), i can’t mention going there without family, friends, co-workers, strangers asking me if i going to see the pyramids. it never fails. i want to scream “NOOOO! that’s the last thing i want to see! there’s more to masr than those damn pyramids!!” what’s funny is that then people don’t get why i want to visit at all. so racist –naturally no one would question my urge to visit italy or any european nation for that matter.

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