Not Just #Kalmtain on SCAF

13 Jun

After a night out with friends celebrating Sarah’s and my accomplishment of graduating, we found ourselves singing and chanting against Al-Musheer Tantawi. It might have looked out of place or stupid, but the interesting part was a door man was cheering us on as we passed him by in Garden City. The growing discontent with SCAF can be accredited to multiple of things, they really left us a long list to choose from including: crackdown on the labor protests, virginity checks, military trials for civilians, or the recent summoning of activists & journalists for criticizing SCAF. On a more optimistic note, the military council have invited the group working to end military trials to meet with SCAF members today and discuss their demands. I hope that the outcome is more surprising than what I am expecting of the usual publicity stunt the SCAF likes to pull off with their usual “meetings.” These military trials for civilians need to end and all detained freedom fighters must be released.

4 Responses to “Not Just #Kalmtain on SCAF”

  1. José Manuel Rambla June 13, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    In Spain and Egypt, the future is ours

  2. michelle June 14, 2011 at 4:40 am #

    Gigi, I am really loving your blog. It is succinct and to the point but still detailed and comprehensive. And great layout. Thanks you so much for your posts, commentary and insights!

  3. Omar Kamel June 16, 2011 at 4:12 am #

    Regarding the No Military Trials Group meeting with SCAF – Well, as expected SCAF promised next to nothing. The only slightly credible promise they made is that they might reconsider the 4 cases that happened to be mentioned by name. Otherwise, it seems they mostly held the meeting in order to claim that they’re ‘connecting’ with people. They tried to raise doubts about torture, implying that torture generally occurs as a means of interrogation or as a revenge tactic, and since those motivations didn’t exist, they said – then why would the army or military police torture anybody? When confronted with evidence documenting the torture cases they went stone-faced and said they’d investigate it. The good points to remember are are: that by asking to meet the group it’s clear that the group’s work is getting to SCAF, and that SCAF were careful not to use too much of a condescending/paternal tone with the group representatives – also – the group reps were quite effective during the meeting, effectively countering attempts by SCAF to imply that SCAF aren’t responsible for monitoring the legality of their forces.

    Of course, SCAF will spin things however it chooses, as evidenced by Rowainy’s attempt to make it seem that it was the group that asked to meet SCAF and not the other way around 😉

    For more details regarding the meeting, the demands the group made, etc – please watch the press conference held by the group right after the meeting with SCAF – you can find it here –



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