Evicted Families Sit-In at Maspero اعتصام عائلات مخيمات مدينة السلام بمسبيرو

13 Jun

More than a 1000 families have been living in tents since the revolution after they were evicted from the temporary new rent contracts in fear of them not paying rent according to the woman in the video. They were promised national housing by Dr. Essam Sharaf after they protested in front of the Cairo governance building in February, until now no response. In fact, according to people from tents I talked to revealed in this video, thugs and police have raided the tents in Madinat EL Salam in order to agitate the situation and make them give up and leave, but the families have no where to go and in desperate need for shelter. One son of the families have been allegedly raped by police in the tents according to people in this video. This revolution was meant to end exactly these people’s misery and grant every Egyptian a dignified life; however, with the SCAF and Essam Sharaf in power, these ideals seem to wash away with every moment they are in power. Time for reviving the revolution, so we could all live.

One Response to “Evicted Families Sit-In at Maspero اعتصام عائلات مخيمات مدينة السلام بمسبيرو”

  1. Michael June 13, 2011 at 5:46 am #

    La lutte continue.

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